Course Structure

Flight Experience, in cooperation with Psychologists and Airline Pilots, has developed a structured course to help people overcome their fear of flying.

After a brief telephone conversation with our Psychologist (at no cost) it will be determined whether or not we are able to help. From this discussion you can decide if you wish to proceed.

Clients can elect to enrol in either a Group or an Individual Course.

Fear of flying course structure - Phone Assessment


Free, no obligation 10-15 minute phone assessment with our Psychologist. They will discuss your anxiety and determine the suitability of the course specifically for you.

Fear of flying course structure - Psychological Session


A face-to-face consultation with our Psychologist designed to identify the actual cause of your anxiety and fear and commence your treatment process.

Approximate duration:

2 hours – group courses
1.5 hours -individual courses

Fear of flying course structure - flight education


This is a classroom-based, interactive learning session with an experienced Airline Pilot. Clients will be introduced to the fundamentals of aviation, flight and the general safeguards in place in modern airline travel. We have found this to be an extremely valuable part of the program, where clients can really focus and discuss their issues around flying.

Approximate duration:

2 hours – group courses
1.5 hours -individual courses

Fear of flying course structure - face your fears


Further session/s with the Psychologist to prepare for you to face your fears. You will learn Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) strategies which will challenge your thinking style and behaviour around flying. Two sessions of one hour duration delivered over a two week period.

Approximate duration:

2 hours – group courses
2 hours -individual courses

Fear of flying course structure - simulator sessions


Once the Psychologist and you are comfortable with your progress, you will be introduced to the Simulator and ‘Flight Deck’ component of the course. You can participate as a co-pilot or a passenger – whatever you feel comfortable with! You will always be flying with the aid of a Qualified Flight Experience Instructor and the Psychologist.

Approximate duration:

1.5 hours – group courses
1.5 hours -individual courses

The simulator session will involve one of the Modules listed below, which are designed to target particular situations related to a Fear of Flying.
These include:

  • The Aircraft and Cockpit Environment
  • Flying Fundamentals, Take-offs and Landings
  • Adverse Weather Conditions, Considerations and Precautions
  • Typical Airline Sector Flight

How much will I pay?

Individual Courses

All sessions are one-on-one and can commence as soon as practical.

Course cost: $1,675.00

If you are eligible for a Mental Health Care Plan with your GP, you will receive a rebate.
*Note: You can be assessed for a Mental Health Care Plan with your GP.
*Please discuss Medicare Plans and rebates with your Fear of Flying Psychologist prior to starting your course.

Group Courses

Group courses can involve from 2-8 participants. Groups run on a demand basis.

Course cost: $950.00

In groups of 6-10 people, you may be eligible for a Medicare rebate.*
Note: You can be assessed for a Mental Health Care Plan with your GP.

Exposure (Short) Course

Ideal ‘short course to ease your anxiety before a flight if you are short on time or money. Conducted over one 2-hour session utilizing our Flight Experience Instructors and the Boeing 737 flight simulator.

Course Cost: $550.00 (No psychologists included in this course and no Medicare rebates available)

Live Webinar Courses

In a world exclusive, we are now pleased to offer our Fear of Flying course through Live Webinars. This provides people that live long distances from our main centres or are simply unable to attend for any reason, to take advantage of our distance learning. Live Webinar Courses are available as both Individual and Group Sessions. Note: Stage Four, the Simulator Sessions must still be completed on-site at one of our Flight Experience simulator centres.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a technology whizz! We provide very simple and easy steps with personal advice on how to connect. All you need is a PC or MAC computer (or even phone or tablet) with a good internet connection, webcam and microphone.

Individual Webinar Course – $1675.00

Group Webinar Course – $950.00

Medicare rebates: Unfortunately rebates are not available for Live Webinar Courses

What if I need more sessions?

Completing additional psychology sessions or more than one simulator module may be required or recommended for some individuals.

Additional Sessions

  • Psychology Sessions – $180 per hour
  • Aviation Education – $180 per hour
  • Simulator Sessions
    • $250 per hour for Group Sessions including the Psychologist
    • $455 per hour for Individual Sessions including the Psychologist
    • $345 per hour for Individual or Group without the Psychologist, but with a Qualified Fear of Flying Instructor

How long does a course take to complete?

Course stages are organised based on client availability. No more than one stage can be completed on any one day.

Generally we suggest you do one stage per week. There are four stages so it will generally take around 4-5 weeks to complete the course. We will try to accommodate everyone’s needs and time constraints which of course are always easier if it’s an Individual Course. Groups must rely on all participants’ availability, but again we generally try to complete in 4 weeks. We try to be as flexible as we can!

What if I have a plane journey very soon?

Depending on how soon your departure is we will do our best to accommodate you, however in certain circumstances we may decline to treat your anxiety due to the time restriction. The success of the Flight Experience Fear of Flying course relies on completing all sessions in a timely manner, with enough time between sessions to absorb and deal with the knowledge gained. This will differ from person to person.

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