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In this modern age, air travel is taken for granted by most people. It’s how we get to see and experience wonderful destinations in the far corners of the world or visit relatives and friends in distant lands. Many people have no idea how planes such as the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet or the Airbus A380, weighing several hundred tonnes, stay aloft at 40,000ft and travel at up to 1000 kilometres per hour!

However, for about one in four people, their fear of flying is so powerful and real that they cannot push aside their concerns. They avoid flying altogether or take anti-anxiety medications (or stiff drinks) to feel confident enough to board the plane!

These people can have vastly different types of flying fears and experience different severities of flying anxiety. Regardless of the type or severity of your flying fear, the treatment principles are the same.

Our Fear of Flying Treatment Course is based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) which is the gold standard treatment for anxiety disorders worldwide. What makes our course so successful is the unique combination of independent Psychological Treatment Sessions, an education question-and-answer session with a commercial Airline Pilot and taking a flight with a trained Fear of Flying Instructor in one of our Boeing 737 flight simulators where flight processes and safety measures will be demonstrated. You can even be the pilot!

The Flight Experience Fear of Flying Course is available for clients in the five main cities in Australia – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.


Fear of Flying – Helpful Hints & Tips

Did you know it’s safer to fly on a jet airliner than to drive your car to the airport? It’s safer to fly than sleep in your bed and risk falling off it? It’s safer to fly, than pop a bottle of champagne upon arriving at the airport lounge ? You get the point.

Flying on a commercial jet airliner is one of the safest forms of transportation in the world.

Nearly everything related to airline travel is geared towards Flight Safety – from the process of how passengers board an aircraft to how aircraft are made, maintained and operated. It is essential that, regardless of the cause of a fear of flying, participants are educated as to what these processes and requirements are, and why they make flying safer than the actual drive to the airport!

DID YOU KNOW – Statistics suggest that if a person flew every day of their life, it would take 19,000 years before they would succumb to a fatal incident.

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Chris Bronicki SA

Being able to gain an understanding of aeronautics from an aviation professional - in his case, a former Cathay Pacific pilot - was the most valuable part of the experience...read more


Flew to Melbourne last weekend – the flight down was excellent. I put everything into practice – ie. things I'd usually avoid. I sat at the window seat, looked out the window to the ocean, didn't drown out...read more


Having recently completed the Fear of Flying course through Flight Experience WA it gave me the confidence to fly and I recently returned from a two week holiday in Ireland...read more

Elise NSW

Since working with the incredible and supportive team at Flight Experience, I have not only overcome this fear, but now look forward to getting on a plane. Something I didn't think was possible...read more

Gaby NSW

I can’t thank you enough for all the tools you provided me with in the course – my flights were all fantastic and I was so calm, I honestly surprised myself and can happily say that I’m no longer...read more

Amanda Hooton Journalist - SMH, Good Weekend

And what do you know. I can hardly believe it, but the fear is gone. It's as if the space in my head once taken up by blind terror is now occupied by a kind of personalised flight manual...read more


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