What makes this course so successful?

The Flight Experience Fear of Flying Course is unique in that it combines several key elements which include: –

  1. Psychology – A well-prepared Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) program has been manualised and is aimed specifically at clients with anxieties around flying. The material is delivered by experienced Psychologists who have been recruited based around their understanding of this technique.

  2. Aviation Education – We have enlisted the help of a number of very experienced Airline Pilots with decades of flying time in a number of different aircraft. These professionals have all the answers around how and why aircraft fly, the safety measures surrounding flight and the procedures they follow in the unlikely event of an incident. This is an intimate Q and A session where clients can ask the curly questions and get honest answers..

  3. High-fidelity Flight Simulators – We are the only National program that combines the above components and puts them into practice with a session in a real Boeing 737 flight simulator. These simulators are certified by the Australian Government for real pilot training and allows clients to have an ‘up close and personal’ view of what systems and procedures pilots are trained to follow. It will show individuals how flying is the safest form of transportation.

The course draws on years of knowledge and experience of professional in the fields of both Psychology and Aviation. Many courses offer one or two of these elements but none offer the chance of all three.

Our course is also the only National, on-demand program available in Australia.