Tim Clark

Senior Flight Instructor
Flight Experience Brisbane

“I have flown for some of the world’s leading airlines for over 18 years and accumulated over 10,000 hours of flight time. I was a Captain with Kendell Airlines, Ansett’s regional airline on their CRJ200 jets, and then I worked for QANTAS on the Boeing 767. Most recently I flew for Cathay Pacific on their Airbus A330/340. During this time I flew internationally to all corners of the globe. After leaving Cathay Pacific, one area I wanted to share my extensive experience within aviation was to help people overcome their “Fear of Flying”. At Flight Experience Brisbane we have established a highly reputable and successful program in which I am proud to be involved.”

Philip Mar

Senior Flight Instructor
Flight Experience Sydney

“I have held an Australian Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) since February 1990, plus passes in all Air Transport Pilots Licence subjects (ATPL). I also hold a United States FAA Commercial Pilots Certificate with Multi Engine Instrument ratings. With vast experience in corporate charter, freight and scenic flying, I’ve worked for many aviation companies both in Australia and overseas. Since commencing work with Flight Experience I have completed over 1200 hours in the B737 simulator. To pass on the knowledge I have acquired over the years and help people with their fear of flying is extremely rewarding.”

Justin Jansen

Chief Pilot
Flight Experience Sydney

“Like almost everyone at Flight Experience I am passionate about flying and anything related to aviation. I hold an Australian Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) with 500 hours flight time and a Multi-Engine Command Instrument Rating (MECIR). I am a Qualified Flight Instructor and have exam credits towards an Australian Airline Transport Pilots Licence (ATPL). I have flown several different single engine and twin engine aircraft. The opportunity to instruct in the Fear of Flying Course allows me to share my passion and knowledge demonstrating the procedures and safety systems available in today’s modern jet aircraft.”

Tom Dyke

Chief Pilot
Flight Experience Melbourne

“Flying is my first love and the opportunities I’ve enjoyed at Flight Experience have confirmed my desire to become an Airline Pilot. I commenced flying at the age of 17 and am now in my final year of a Bachelor of Aviation at Swinburne University.  I hold an Australian Commercial Pilots License (CPL) and a Multi-Engine Command Instrument Rating (MECIR) with over 250 hours logged to date on nine different types of aircraft including single and twin engine aircraft. I am also studying my Air Transport Pilots License (ATPL). The chance to assist people in curing their fear of flying is a bonus to an already incredible career.”

Sebastian Mendez

Senior Flight Instructor
Flight Experience Melbourne

 “Like most pilots I have met, my passion for flight began very young and I have been fortunate enough to pursue this dream ever since. Today, flying does not feel like a job to me but rather more like a vocation – the work itself is the reward. I hold an Australian Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL), Command Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (MECIR) and passes in all seven Air Transport Pilots License (ATPL) theory Examinations whilst completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation at Swinburne University.  As an Instructor, my role in the Fear of Flying Program at Flight Experience has given me the opportunity to share my passion and knowledge with customers one-on-one and restore a sense of reassurance to their flying experience.”

Jag Pannu

Senior Flight Instructor
Flight Experience Perth

“Aviation for me began at the age of 16 in the Yarra Valley region of Victoria. Instead of Mum driving me to the under 16’s cricket, we drove to the airport where I learnt to fly and the passion to become an airline pilot began. Years later I graduated with a Commercial Pilots Licence whilst completing a degree in Aviation Management. I hold a Multi-Engine Instrument Rating with passes in all ATPL subjects and I’m currently employed as a pilot in Perth specialising in charter and aerial photography/surveying operations. The Fear of Flying course is not just a great opportunity for me to share my knowledge but help many people obtain confidence with flying.”

Richard Taylor

Airline Pilot and Flight Instructor
Flight Experience Adelaide

“I was a late starter in the field of aviation. Ever since I was a child I wanted to fly, so much so I’d jump out of trees with homemade wings and run down hills really fast to see if I could get airborne! Like many people this dream was temporarily quashed and I entered the world of retail where I stayed for many years to come. That all changed at age 30 when I decided to finally give it a go and I have never looked back. I trained as a commercial pilot at Rex’s facilities in Wagga Wagga and now fly their 34 seat turbo-prop Saab 340 out of Adelaide. This is a dream come true for me and not a single day feels like work.

When I’m not at Rex, my time is spent at Flight Experience operating their Boeing 737 and showing the general public what it’s like to be a commercial pilot on a jet airliner. The Fear of Flying course is my favourite program here as I have the exact opposite – a fear of not flying! I can understand people having a fear but I am convinced this is down to a lack of knowledge as to what goes into building and operating an aeroplane. Of the courses I have been involved in, we have had some fantastic results and it is a real pleasure to see people come to grips with their fears.”