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Flight Experience

Our Fear of Flying Course is brought to you by Flight Experience™, a business passionate about aviation.

Established in 2002, Flight Experience™ was the original flight simulator business to ‘open the cockpit to the world’. Using Boeing 737 flight simulators, Flight Experience™ provides the general public with the opportunity of experiencing the thrill of piloting a large commercial jet airliner.

Flight Experience™ is approved as a Boeing ‘Official Licenced Product’ and has flown over 150,000 satisfied clients. They offer a professional service combined with an exciting experience that is not easily forgotten.

As the world leader in flight simulation entertainment, Flight Experience™ has developed many professional programs which include pilot training, Schools Programs, Corporate Events, Business Incentives and Rewards and now the Fear of Flying Program. The simulators are certified in several countries for pilot training including Australia (CASA), USA (FAA) and Thailand (DCA). In Australia Flight Experience™ is now also used as part of the curriculum for Air Traffic Controllers.

Flight Experience™ has thirteen operations in nine countries and is continuing to expand with more stores due to open this year. The stores are centrally located in capital city sites in Australia (Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney), France (Paris), China (Beijing, Chengdu and Hong Kong), Kuwait, Singapore, USA (Boston) and Thailand (Bangkok). Our next store will be opening around the middle of the year in London, United Kingdom.

All locations recruit qualified pilots to serve as Instructors for clients. The more senior the pilot, the more advanced the programs they are able to instruct in.

Fear of Flying Course Instructors must hold minimum qualifications of a Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL), have a complete and thorough understanding of the simulator operations and are specifically trained, with the Psychologists to operate the Fear of Flying simulator session.

The Flight Experience™ brand is owned by Pacific Simulators 2010 Limited, based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Although each store is individually owned and operated, Pacific Simulators is responsible for many aspects of the retail operations including manufacturing, maintenance, technical support, sales and marketing, recruitment, training and business development.



Having recently completed the Fear of Flying course through Flight Experience WA it gave me the confidence to fly and I recently returned from a two week holiday in Ireland...read more

Gaby NSW

I can’t thank you enough for all the tools you provided me with in the course – my flights were all fantastic and I was so calm, I honestly surprised myself and can happily say that I’m no longer...read more

Kelly Fear of Flying customer, NSW

I'm not sure that I won't have difficult moments in the future, but I would like to say that the course has really helped me, in a way that would have been hard to imagine at the outset...read more

Elise NSW

Since working with the incredible and supportive team at Flight Experience, I have not only overcome this fear, but now look forward to getting on a plane. Something I didn't think was possible...read more

Amanda Hooton Journalist - SMH, Good Weekend

And what do you know. I can hardly believe it, but the fear is gone. It's as if the space in my head once taken up by blind terror is now occupied by a kind of personalised flight manual...read more

Chris Bronicki SA

Being able to gain an understanding of aeronautics from an aviation professional - in his case, a former Cathay Pacific pilot - was the most valuable part of the experience...read more

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